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School Uniforms No! Lebanon School District, PA
Saturday, 21 February 2004
And the survey says...
Well, February 20th was the last day to turn in the surveys. Now we will wait and see what they say the count is.

However, even if they claim the majority of parents said "yes" to uniforms, we will still dispute it.

#1 Every parent was not required to say yes or no.
#2 People could return the surveys with NO NAME!!! How do we know it was accurate?

Posted by schooluniformsno at 1:27 AM EST
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Wednesday, 11 February 2004 now also in spanish (Los Uniformes de la escuela No!)

Los Uniformes de la Escuela del espa?ol no

Posted by schooluniformsno at 12:17 AM EST
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Anti-Uniform article in Lebanon Daily News.
School-uniform foes unzipping their lips Nice articles about people against uniforms. I made 300 copies of the school uniform survey sheets and will be passing them out at each school in the district over the next week. Today, Weds. Feb. 11, I'll be at Northwest. Of course you can ask for these surveys at any school yourself...but I'm trying to spread the word. Together we can STOP this!

Posted by schooluniformsno at 12:12 AM EST
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Monday, 9 February 2004
Simple iron on
Mood:  energetic
*** Don't forget to scroll down further to see full color logo too. This is a simple thing to iron on anything. It's all black so it should work nicely on light colors too. Print out on Tshirt transfer sheet. It's repeated to use up whole sheet.

Posted by schooluniformsno at 1:17 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 9 February 2004 1:19 PM EST
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T-shirt news
Mood:  energetic
Here is the T-shirt design I made. You may download this picture. Then just buy some T-shirt transfer sheets and print out the desing & just iron on anything white and 100%cotton or cotton/poly mix. * don't forget to choose print "t-shirt" option or "mirror" image. Microsoft picture it or Ulead photo express have these options. IF you can't flip it, let me know I'll post a flipped image too then.

Posted by schooluniformsno at 12:11 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 9 February 2004 12:29 PM EST
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Wednesday, 4 February 2004
Why I'm against school uniforms...
My number one value is the freedom my family enjoys in America. School uniforms violate my children's freedom of expression and my right as a parent to choose what clothes they wear. Visit my website for info on how to stop this. I want the 39% of parents that don't support this to all send their kids to school violating the uniform policy, plus maybe all wear "School Uniform NO" protest T-shirts.

Superintendent Marianne Bartley is quoted as saying the policy would help by "alleviating peer- and economic-related clothing issues". However she is also quoted saying "The price would be comparable to regular fashions". I'd like her to explain how making a child's current wardrobe obsolete for school and forcing the parent to buy a new set of clothes for virtually the same cost is helping 'economic-related clothing issues'? The average cost for a uniform compliant shirt/pants would be $28. I bought my children brand name designer clothes at the V.F. Outlet for much less.

As far as the peer problems, that is also bogus. So, they claim that the answer to a bully mocking another students fashion is to make all students the same style? Well, if we use that logic then the school could solve all problems by just forcing students to all shave their heads, wear the exact same color contacts, and dye their skin all the identical color! The answer isn't conformanty and control, the answer to teach kids respect for others.

To quote Judge Patrick J. Duggan , "In fact, as [the courts] have emphasized, students benefit when school officials provide an environment where they can openly express their diverging viewpoints and when they learn to tolerate the opinions of others."
And that was in a case that a student won the right to wear a "bush is an international terrorist" T-shirt! So, why can't my children simply wear their blue jeans anymore?

Posted by schooluniformsno at 12:37 AM EST
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