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Los Uniformes de la escuela No!
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S.U.N. = School Uniforms No
How to Get Involved

We are always looking for help. This page will show how to become involved with the campaign.

How to Help

There are several ways to get involved with the campaign. For example, you can:
* Send your kids to school in "SchoolUniformsNo" protest shirts. Make one    yourself. Just download the picture, buy a cheap white cotton shirt, buy the printer T-shirt transfer sheets and follow the instructions.
* Pick up the new survey at your child's school - return with "NO"

* Help plan an event

* Distribute literature

* Speak at an event

Click picture to get full size picture to download
We can stop this!...if we ALL do something!

Contact Information

If you are interested in helping with an event or just have an idea for the campaign, we would love to hear from you. Please contact our campaign manager to discuss what you can do:

You may contact the Lebanon School District's Superintendent - Marianne T. Bartley to let her know you are against the Uniform Policy by the following means: