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Los Uniformes de la escuela No!
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S.U.N. = School Uniforms No

On this page we will provide links to various resources. We may include links to articles on the campaign, educational links on the issues, or links that are just fun to check out.

Newspaper articles:

Lebanon Daily News article Feb 7th, 2004. - There is hope it said that in 1999 55% of parents supported uniforms, but they thought that wasn't enough to go with it. So, Let's send in those surveys by the 20th...we only need 45% to defeat it again!!! Freedom isn't free we must always fight for it!

Links to the Issues

ACLU dress code and uniform cases

Love them or hate them, the fact is the ACLU provide lawyers for FREE and have fought school districts successfully before.

Fun Links

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You may contact the Lebanon School District's Superintendent - Marianne T. Bartley to let her know you are against the Uniform Policy by the following means: